Lies, Propaganda and A Call For Justice


Why were America and the world never shown the video and photographs of the Pentagon, BEFORE the outer wall had collapsed showing only one 16 ft. hole.  Many people do not realize that the outer wall did not collapse until almost 30 minutes after the initial impact.  See these astonishing photographs and video footage for the first time.

Given that the outer wall of the Pentagon had not yet collapsed and the only hole is approximately 16 ft. in diameter - how does a jetliner over 44 feet tall and 125 ft. wide fit into that hole as shown in the crystal-clear and close-up photographic evidence from the Pentagon?  Furthermore, can physics explain why there is no damage to the Pentagon's upper floors where the tail section would have hit?

How does a Boeing 757, constructed from lightweight aluminum, penetrate over 9 ft. of steel reinforced concrete?  Photographs and recently discovered computer animations help shed light on this unexplained feat of physics.

An examination of the photographs and video footage taken at the Pentagon illustrate many inconsistencies with the official D.o.D. account.  What really hit the Pentagon?  Why is the Flight Data Recorder information for Flight #77 inconsistent with the official story?  Why won't the FBI release over 80 video tapes collected in the first hours of the attack that would help shed light on what really happened at the Pentagon?

Why were there numerous reports of bombs & explosions going off in and around the WTC before any buildings had collapsed?  Hear & see the testimony of the reporters, rescue teams and eyewitnesses who tell a different story of potential demolition charges, unexplained explosions


Bringing into question some of the most controversial pieces of evidence, and taking heat from within the 9/11 truth movement for doing so, “9/11 Ripple Effect” offers a no-holds-barred investigation into the anomalies surrounding the actual planes involved in the crashes.

Was there extra equipment on Flight #175?  If so, did the terrorist hijackers put it there?  Did 7 World Trade Center collapse from fire or from demolition charges?  Hear what some of the leading experts in the 9/11 investigation community have to say about extra equipment, flashes, explosions, and demolitions.

Contradictions are also pointed out in relation to video and photographic evidence collected for United Airlines Flight #93, which crashed in Shanksville, PA.  Have we been told the whole truth?

How have certain individuals in the mainstream media used their influence to distort and ignore important evidence gathered over the last six years?  Why is this such a dangerous trend for journalism in America?  Shouldn't the American people be allowed to see all of the evidence for THE worst terrorist attack in the history of the United States?


What evidence does the government present to prove it's official account and why has the 911 Commission Report been drawn into question by the American public?  Has the entire world been given misleading or even false information about the attacks?

What was the reaction and mind-set of the American people right after 9/11?  Do many of the same myths still resonate in the minds of the public today? 

Was Osama bin Laden responsible for the attacks?  Find out why the FBI might not be so convinced.

Has the war on terrorism turned into a war for profit?  No-bid contracts and wasteful spending at the American taxpayer's expense are just a few items covered in a closer look at independent government contractors, such as Haliburton.


Ripple Effect's Featured Guests:
Fred Fox | Glen Stanish | Russ Wittenberg
Military:  Gen. Albert Stubblebine | Col. George Nelson | Maj. Glen MacDonald | Maj. Doug Rokke
Independent Researchers:  Kevin Barrett | Jim Fetzer | Phil Jayhan | Jim Marrs | William Rodriguez

911 Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect delivers a powerful punch!
Backed by expert examination of video evidence, combined with eyewitness accounts and packaged in an imaginative and captivating production that will keep you on the edge of your seats, Ripple Effect is a must see.  Digitally Mastered | Available on DVD

Produced & Written by William Lewis & Dave vonKleist
Directed by William Lewis

Featuring the music of:
Poker Face | Martin Noakes | William Lewis

"...9/11 Ripple Effect provides a slam dunk case against the
government’s official story.  A must-see for any 9/11 truth seeker!"

Christine Blosdale, KPFK 90.7FM Los Angeles



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